About Us

It is an established fact that furniture is indispensable in our lives and form a major part of our homes, offices and other places or facilities we regularly frequent or visit. This goes to show that the furniture manufacturing is indeed an important sector of the country’s economy. Friends Polyplast is engaged in manufacture of stylish, sturdy and sleek plastic moulded furniture that everyone will covet to possess and use.

There are several large and small furniture manufacturing companies spread all over Kerala. We spent precious time and employed resources to conduct a thorough feasibility study to find an ideal location for our manufacturing unit. Elaborate market studies were conducted so that we are well positioned to compete with our competent competitors. Today our brands are well known even in international market. We can proudly reminisce our march to the present Glory:

2001 - This year, we, then known as GR Plastics began our manufacturing from a small frame structure. Our first product was ‘stool’, the popularity and market acceptance of which prompted us to move to manufacture of other domestic furniture items. Quality and user comfort remained our hall marks. And our march to progress began.
2006 - This was the most important year of our business. The firm’s name was changed from GR Plastics to Friends Polylast, our registered firm name. Backed by our efficient manufacturing unit, soon we became distributors in all districts of Kerala. We added ‘chairs’, ‘tables’, ‘arm chairs’, and ‘armless chairs’ to our items of manufacture. All our products received wide market acceptance.
2011 – Our products were given a brand name Chairman. Till this year, semi virgin plastic items were manufactured. Our Chairman products excelled in design, user comfort, quality and strength than our existing models. The Chairman products were manufactured with 100% virgin Polypropylene. We could easily afford to give our customers the guarantee on the strength, quality and comfort which our competitors could not give.
2014 - We ventured into inter-state sales. Using advanced technology and distinctive experience, we received wide market acceptance from other states as well. The interstate sales began with Tamil Nadu and soon spread to other neighboring states Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Goa.
2016 - In this year we launched our new premium products. With modern machines and advanced technology, we offer a variety of designs in premium chairs. These premium chairs are sturdy versatile for indoor as well as outdoor use. Our chairs have more strength and weight than other usual chairs.
2017 – This year we embarked on export of our products. Our international trade began with export of our Premium chairs to middle east countries. Soon the trade expanded to South America and African continent. Plans are afoot to export our products to European countries and Australia.
2018 - We launched an android App and also started online marketing which will be useful to both our dealers and customers. The App and website will be easy platform on your fingertips to know details of, purchase and place orders our products.